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Completely Keto Cookbook: Recipes You’ll Swear Aren’t Keto!

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Written by Dr. Harlan Kilstein

Completely Keto Cookbook is for those who are serious about Keto as a lifestyle

  • Harlan Kilstein shows us that Keto foods can be delicious, often better than non-keto foods.
  • Keto Varieties that include Lazy Keto, If It Fits Your Macros, programs that focus on increased protein and weight lifting, and many others.
  • Experience improvement in your health markers including weight, inches, level of sugar, and cholesterol.
  • More than 175 recipes in this book for day-to-day eating as well as special occasions.

Please note: Harlan shows you how to calculate the macros for the recipes in the book. Since people constantly change ingredients and portion sizes in recipes, it is important that you calculate your macros yourself.

Click Here for the Lowest Price on Amazon

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